Customized training for your horse based on their abilities and your goals.


JREC is an English riding facility specializing in competitive hunter riding.  


We offer Field Board as well as Stall Board. We also have a small lease program.


JREC participates  in local CHSA shows.

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James River Equestrian Center is a full care facility offering English riding lessons, boarding and training.  We cater to riders from aspiring short stirrup riders, to competitive children and adult riders.  Beginner and Intermediate lessons are held at The Riding School while lessons for the more advanced rider are held at The Boarder Barn.  Our instructors are some of the best in the area who look forward to sharing the love, passion, and the joy of riding with the public.


JREC is strictly a hunter barn.  Everybody here goes in the same direction.  This is important to us as creating and maintaining a family environment is what we aim for.  To that end, we have a Big Sister program where newer equestrians can learn from our more experienced riders.  The group meets about 6 times a year and helps new clients become comfortable more quickly in their new barn.

While we are mainly a children's lesson and local show barn, we do have a group of riders 21 and over affectionatly known as "Team Old".


We strive to improve each rider and want each individual to be successful; however, the emphasis in our barn is on sportsmanship and horsemanship.  We believe if you have both of those, you will be successful.  We have enjoyed that success with our showing as well as with our client relationships. It has also led to many long lasting relationships between our riders.  

My daughter started at the riding school at JREC eleven years ago. After a little over a year, she had found her sport, and we bought her first pony. She is now a college freshman and looking back, I truly believe JREC was the absolute perfect place for her to learn about riding, responsibility, friendship, sportsmanship, and many other lessons to help her succeed in college and beyond. As parents, we want to know that we did or are doing everything we can to help our child succeed. I strongly feel that making the decision to spend her childhood riding years with Vicki and the wonderful trainers that Vicki has invited to JREC was one of the best decisions that I ever made. If you are looking for a riding school or boarder barn, look at JREC. If you have a child riding at JREC, know that you have made a wonderful choice.

Kimberly B.,  JREC Parent





414 Huguenot Trail

Midliothian, VA 23113

Tel:  (804) 594-0760

Monday - Sunday

6:00 am - 9:00 pm

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