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Neal Blair offers customized training for your horse based on their abilities and your goals. From starting a young green horse, transitioning off the track or another discipline, starting over fences, taking them to their first show, moving up divisions, or the occasional tune up needed for experienced horses, Neal will evaluate your horse and consult with you to determine the best program to help both excel.


Neal has been providing quality training rides in the Richmond area for over 40 years. He welcomes non-boarders the opportunity to haul in their own horses for lessons or individual training rides, or to place their horse in one of his training programs.  Individual training rides are available at $55.00/ride.  Longer training programs with multiple days/week rides are available at a discount. 


Please call or email us for availability and questions.

Training Rides:  $55.00 per ride

Schooling your horse at horse shows: $55.00 per ride


Showing your horse at a horse show: $30.00 / class

*If horse is schooled on Friday and then shown by Neal on Saturday, there is no additional schooling fee for Saturday- just the class fee to Neal*


Coaching at a local show: $60.00/ day 

(Rated shows are quoted per show)

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