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We have 22 spacious 12’ X 12’ stalls and excellent help to take great care of your animals. We have 2 dusk to dawn lighted rings.  We also have an abundance of room for turnout.  We have smaller fields for those who need less grass, or have issues with group turnout.  And we have larger fields that have 6 or fewer animals in each field.

Our turnout remains the same throughout the year.  Because we are mainly a children’s barn, the horses get turned out at night and stay in during the day year-round.  This helps keep the energy level of the horses manageable.  We have found we have a lot fewer injuries to riders and horses during the winter this way!  If we have severe weather, we keep the horses in at night. 


We use Virginia Equine as our vet and Phillips Farrier for our shoeing needs.


We do have a small half lease program.  JREC has a few animals that we lease out on an annual basis when available. First choice goes to those who are at The Riding School and want to take the “next step”.  


A half lease costs $500.00 per month, plus the cost of lessons.  The half lease cost covers 3 days total of riding per week (one of these days being your lesson day) and also includes a share of the costs incurred for the care of the animal, including: board, shoes and vet costs. The lessee is additionally responsible for tack, minor vet care, and blanket maintenance.

Occasionally, we also have private clients who wish to lease their horses/ponies out on a half or full lease basis.   The cost associated with private leases vary depending on the animal.

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Stall board is $640.00 /month. 

This includes: 

  • All grain (given twice daily) -- we order one type from Southern States.  If you need a different feed, you must provide it.

  • Hay and water.

  • Stall cleaning two to three times per day.

  • Minor vet care.

  • Blanketing.

  • Holding for the farrier.

  • Minor holding for the vet (if the horse needs to be ridden for the vet, there is an extra fee).

  • Administering medicine twice daily that cannot be given in grain.


Normal shoeing is added to your monthly bill.  Anything extra will be billed by the farrier.


If you have a stall, a lesson a week is mandatory ($220.00 / month extra). If your horse or rider is unable to take lessons for a month or more you will incur a $50.00 / month fee. In this case the monthly lesson fee will not be invoiced.



Field board is $445.00 / month.

This includes all the same services as stall board with the exception of administering medicine twice daily that cannot be given in grain (determined on an individual basis). The horses live outside 24/7. 


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If a horse needs lay-up time, it is $5/night for spending the night inside, or $100/month extra for long term layups (spending the night inside).  If a field boarder needs to have lay- up, this fee applies as well as the difference in stall board and field board per day.

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